What’s the Plan Phil?

If you watch ABC’s Modern Family you’ve heard Claire say “what’s the plan Phil?” She typically does this when chaos ensues and the world is collapsing around them. ¬†The character Phil Dunphy is the proverbial man with a plan. ¬†He is a likeable optimist, often clueless but big-hearted. ¬†I relate to him as¬†I too am the quintessential optimist (in pessimists clothing). ¬†I have always been a planner. ¬†I cannot even make a simple purchase (groceries for example)¬†without a plan or some sort of list. ¬†My behavior is maddening, even to me. ¬†I envy¬†impulsive people. ¬†People who on a whim or spur of the moment just do something, anything, whatever they want to do when they want to do it. ¬†I dream of one day living in the moment. ¬†Ah to be carefree.

At this stage of my life, despite all the pre-planning, life is spinning away from me. ¬†I have lost all control. ¬†Actually, I know I was never really in control to begin with but everything was orderly at least. ¬†To regain that¬†sense of order, I am reading and writing like never before. ¬†Well, not exactly, this is not new for me. ¬†I am going through a resurgence. ¬†I have always been an avid reader and writing has always been my therapy. ¬†I have spirals full of musings and ramblings going back to grade school. ¬†I don’t remember when/why I quit or¬†cut back but I almost feel like a brand new person taking up with this “stuff” again. ¬†At least my hobbies are legal. That’s a plus.

I am still ¬†in awe and¬†amazed how the world has changed. ¬†Blogging connects me to a whole new universe. ¬†Little 12-year-old Jill could never have imagined she’d have readers from around the globe. ¬†Most are from the good ole USA. ¬†Then others are from the UK, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and Bangladesh. Back in the day, I was pretty good at this, I had some mad skills or so I was told but I know in truth that I am¬†such a novice. ¬†Clearly I can tell when I read¬†the work of others. ¬†I am both inspired and taken down a peg … in the best company¬†… grateful to have my little part.

Anyway, today¬†has been brutal, from the introverted thinking too much standpoint. ¬†So that’s all for now. ¬†As always, more to come …