The Little Things Make Me Happy

… and this is tiny.  I am a creature of habit AND I hate to shop.  I will wear a pair of shoes until they fall apart rather than shop for new ones. The same goes almost everything in my wardrobe.  I did not always feel this way.  My love of shopping was ruined for me in 2006 but that’s a completely different story for another day.

Any way as we were out and about yesterday, roaming around the Quarry, hatching eggs and killing time; distracting ourselves before today … the day when we had to face the music, I found a new wallet.  My old one was really ratty looking, dirty and worn.  But I could not replace perfection.  I was attached because my wallet had just the right amount of everything – enough spaces for credit cards.  A place for my checkbook.  Yes I still write the occasionally check, only twice a month but still.  A pen holder.  A pocket big enough for stamps and business/appointment cards and then the zipper coin purse.   I do not need a big purse because my wallet will do.

Good thing too because I can’t decide.  Too many choices makes me a deer in the headlights.  For years now, my “purse” has been the Bath and Body Special.  They will have special gift sets in cute bags and Wah La!! the selection is already made for me.  I hang on my “purse” for years and when I need a new “purse” I head to Bath and Body :).  I have had only two such  “purses” in the last 10 years.  Can you spell frugal?  Yes …  J I L L

I had been looking to upgrade for a while now, even had other options in my cart before leaving countless stores without a purchase.  But yesterday, the stars were aligned because I found my exact same wallet at Nordstrom Rack.  What are the odds???  Like a bazillion to one because my wallet is ancient.  Same brand, color, everything.  AND best part is the price … a steal for the low, low price of $8.97.  And that my friends makes me HAPPY!

As always more to come but first take a look at these beauties 🙂

My “purse”


At least I can tell the difference. The zipper no longer closes all the way on the old one and I lose coins because of that.
IMG_1469 (1)
Ain’t she a butte?!? Phonetically speaking