What Summer Reading Has Taught Me

I am like a speed demon, reading as many books as I can this summer of 2016. ¬†To me, a¬†book is good when I can retain the story¬†long after reading the last page. ¬†Years later, I will smile at the memory of certain lines. ¬†The feelings never really leave me either. ¬†I feel like I could be friends with the characters. ¬†I have to be careful because I am easily influenced. ¬†The T-shirt “all my friends are imaginary” is not too far off the mark. ¬†I almost always become the protagonist. ¬†Fighting real or imagined wrongs. And lately I have read some pretty dark stuff. ¬†So I am Bad Jill. ¬†Very very bad! ¬†That’s why reading¬†is escapism. ¬†Always and forever the rule follower, books take me away … they¬†allow me to be someone other than … well to be someone other than me.

I am no quitter.  Even when a book is less than desirable to me, I will continue to read, skimming through even though not fully interested.  I only remember bits and pieces of those stories but they will occupy my subconscious.  I confuse them with other stories but they never leave.  I used to be better at remembering titles and authors but now, forget it.  I guess though, for the really good ones, this is not the case.  I notice there is more fluff out there these days which is why I quite reading for a while.  Some popular authors who shall remain nameless just churn out the crap.  A similar variation of the same Рthe proverbial groundhog day.  But because they are human stories, I am always drawn back in.  What a Sucker!

I say I started this blog to practice writing … to become an author … but that’s not really my dream. ¬†There is no novel inside me waiting to be revealed. ¬†I write to release feelings, purely for myself. ¬†Though I’m not gonna lie, I get a warm fuzzy reading¬†that email which says¬†“so-and-so thought ¬†XYZ was pretty awesome. ¬†You should go see what they’re up to. ¬†Maybe you’ll like their blog as much as they liked yours!”¬†I always follow and I have to admit, wordpress got it right. ¬†PRETTY AWESOME. ¬†I am awed and ah-mazed! ¬†I am immensely enjoying what I’d call my blog-a-verse – indomitable¬†universe of bloggers who are all extraordinary peoples each in their¬†own way. That is all for today. ¬†Muah!

As always, more to come …