Don’t Go, Puhleese, Don’t Go

Today was fun after all!  We did free mini facials – me, Lulu and her sweet friend Corts.  We also met a new friend, our beauty consultant – Sarah.  A little hard selling at the end but that’s how you get places.  Can’t blame a girl for trying.  Though not a complete waste because I did buy product.  When given the choice between skin care and make-up, I always choose skin care.  I’m going to re-start my regime and try a microdermabrasion twice weekly to see if I can unclog my skin and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.  I realized today that I have been avoiding mirrors – FOR YEARS! it’s been a long time since I stared at my face applying make-up.  I DON’T like it at ALL.  Shocking when I didn’t see a 19-year-old girl staring back at me.

I loved having the girls at the house even if only for two hours.  I miss that.  I really, really do.  Our house was always full of kids, revolving in and out when T was home.  The spa treatment was like a mini day time slumber party.  We talked about school and plans for the fall.  Ugh! It’s about the get real!  And I find myself trying to sabotage things so that baby girl won’t leave me.  Don’t Go, Puhleese, Don’t Go!

Get the basics and live at home.  Two plus two degree plans yield the same outcome – a bachelor’s degree in the end.  I could careless what any holier than thou types think.  There is NOTHING wrong with Alamo Community Colleges. The cost for one, sweet.  I mean since we fall in that bracket that she got zero financial aid, other than the standard loan that’s automatic, the price tag is steep.  If we had not invested in the now defunct TX Tomorrow Fund, she’d have fewer options.

Part of me is glad we are able to help her experience what neither of us ever did and part of me wishes the exact opposite.  Struggle baby, struggle never hurt anybody; at least not long-term.  Struggle creates life lessons, builds character.  Go to Corpus or get a car and go to St. Phillips or Northeast Lakeview?  Ha!  See what I mean, sabotage, dangle the carrot.  She’s not taking the bait though.  She has a plan.  Since 2nd grade, she’s had this EXACT plan.  Almost too late to back out now or she’d regret and always wonder what if?

Controller Jill is going to bow out gracefully, into the wings.  I am nervous, excited and jittery and I know she is experiencing exactly the same things.  Wishing we could freeze time, but ultimately glad that we cannot.  And that is all for now.

As always, more to come.


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