I Love My Motley Crew

Not the band though in the 80’s, I probably would have said differently. ¬†Did I tell ya, I have a thing for bad boys? ¬†Ya you betcha, I think I did! ¬†But I am going down a rat hole, so turning around back to the task at hand … is the expression¬†rat hole or rabbit hole?? … I always thought rabbit hole but then in class this past Monday, a page of the text said rat hole … same concept too with picture of a cute little cartoon rat with a shovel flinging dirt as he dug his hole. ¬†What does this have to do with me loving my Motley Crew … de nada so let’s start again.

I left my house at 6:30 am this morning and at 6:45 we were almost in a car wreck.  If we had been the leading car turning onto Lexington instead of the following car, it would have been us.  There but for the grace of God go I, we were only witnesses.  I still keep seeing the image Рso shocked at the car just plowing through a red light.  Makes me stop and think how in the blink of an eye, things can change.

I made it to work and had a productive day despite the start to it. ¬†My chauffeur aka Billy Bob picked me up at 3:30 pm ¬†I am looking forward to reading my¬†book; posting my bible verse challenge and just chilling out. ¬†Before we get home, we get¬†a text from baby girl that T wants us to come over. He told her that he’ll help dad set up the deer lease inquiries. ¬†He also wanted to show us his handiwork – built his first PC from scratch and was pretty pleased with himself. ¬†So sure why not? ¬†We picked up Paige and immediately, off we go to visit our sonshine. We were having a good time until …

a phone call is received and a BUNCH OF STUFF HAPPENS THAT WILL NOT BE REPEATED HERE.  Not my place to say specifics only that we had our second blink of an eye moment this evening.  Again we are just witnesses.  Again I am reminded, in a instant everything can change.

Anyhoo, Pony is looking for a spare car key and talking on the phone more calmly that I have¬†seen him in similar circumstances. ¬†He is just like his momma and we are … well lets just say we are excitable. ¬†There is usually lots of hand gestures and yelling curse words. ¬†Except when you’ve got no choice but to pull it together. ¬†And that’s what he did even as he walked room to room and still can’t find the spare key.

We need a Plan B. РB as in Billy Bob because he is ALWAYS the logical one.

The conversation went something like this:

  • Billy Bob – “we can take you there … to both places. ¬†You don’t need the spare key”
  • Pony¬†– “you’d do that, really??”
  • Billy Bob – “You think we won’t help our first born son? ¬†You’re right. ¬†I changed my mind, ¬†we’re leaving”
  • Then in a lower voice¬†he says “you know we’d do anything for you. And see, you and¬†your mom are not the only sarcastic smart asses in the family”.

So off we go, all four of us. ¬†Me walking ahead to get the car unlocked. ¬†Listening to the three of them talking behind me. ¬†Over my shoulder, ¬†I look back and I see them … my motley crew. ¬†Just idle chit-chat to lighten the mood. ¬†That sound is LOVE. ¬†My heart is melting. ¬†Fast forward, we’ve done all we can do and we part ways. While that feeling of LOVE is etched into my soul.

Driving back down IH35 past¬†the Forum to 410, to Rigsby I realize ¬†we have looped the city. ¬†My 50 something year old eyes can barely see. ¬†I should¬†just get the damn AARP card¬†and no longer drive anywhere, ever, after dark. ¬†We finally rolled in @ 9:30 pm. ¬†Wow that’s a 15 hour day! ¬†Sure doesn’t feel like it though … it feels like the¬†blink of an eye. ¬†Life is full of blink of the eye moments. ¬†I can be sad or I can know that I have found my silver lining. ¬†Even in the bad there is oh so much good. ¬†Tonight I choose to be thankful.

As always, more to come …