Confessions of a Sociopath A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight by ME Thomas

Heavy reading this time around but well worth the effort.  I saw this book in an airport bookstore years ago but wouldn’t pay the steep asking price.  Now thanks to my online library, I am reading it for free.   I’m only 27% of the way through, too soon to really give a decent review but a few things have already grabbed my attention.  The possibility that being a sociopath is a good thing intrigues me.  The fact that some of the characteristics of high performing executives are the same as sociopaths is plausible.  Many will disagree with the author but not me.  In 2 years spent working in corporate America (albeit a sheltered version of corporate America), I may have even experienced the effects of a sociopath hiding in plain sight.  Gullible … maybe?  But hook line and sinker I believe this … the world DOES have sociopaths hiding in plain sight.   More than one could ever imagine.

As always, more to come …


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