So I Say to Billy-Bob

… “we should Uber it to Margaritaville”.  He asks me  “why?” and I say “well duh it’s Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.  Since we are fortunate enough to be invited by special invitation to be guinea pigs before the grand opening on Tuesday, we should partake of all the offerings.  You know, give it a real test drive and take one for the team.”  He says “nope to Uber … I’ll NEVER Uber anywhere and you don’t like margaritas anyway.  Remember?”

Oh ya, I guess I forgot.  Damn tequila, it’s the devil.  And with that I remember my 19th birthday.  We were celebrating at Rocky’s on Austin Hwy.  That is where I had my first alcoholic beverage.  Well my first legal drink anyway! (yes I am that old, I was legal at 19  before the drinking age was raised to 21).  This was back when they had Drink and Drown Wednesdays (yes I am old enough to have been in bars before the liquor laws were changed and establishments had to stop those “get drunk quick for cheap incentives”).  For a very small cover one could drink all the beer, wine and well drinks you wanted.  The margs weren’t free that night but they were on the menu at happy hour prices aka cheap.  And my nickname was 1/2 a beer Jill.  If it only took 1/2 a beer, then a sip of margarita would make me three sheets to the wind.  Well a sip of margarita, some wine, a beer, some more wine.  You get the drift.  It was a celebration after all so let’s be stupid!!!!!!

Brian drank water.  He took care of me as I proceeded to act like a complete fool.  He was the DD before there were DDs.  The music was loud and we danced all night (if you could call it that, I only have flashes of memory).  I’ll never forget ‘parts’ of the ride home.  I remember how cold it was … December 21 is always freezing.  I am told that I hung my head out the window, puking down Austin Hwy.  Messing up the newly painted red on the side of Bri’s truck.

We got back to my house; he took me inside and told my mom “She’s okay, but she’s had a little too much to drink.” He stayed a while and then left to the car wash to clean up his truck.  I passed out on the living room couch.  I woke up the next day SICK.AS.A.DOG.  I thought for sure my mom would be mad and tell me I could never see Brian again (I mean what a bad influence!)  But nope, she actually sat me down and talked about responsible drinking.  She said “What you did was irresponsible and you need to find other ways to celebrate.”  She said “Brian is a fine young man and I know without a doubt that he will always take good care of you.  Actions speak louder than words baby girl. You’re lucky, it is obvious he loves you to put up with you in that state”

Funny how my crazy mind works.  I had not thought about the night of my 19 birthday in years.  Thanks to Uber and Brian being part of the crew to build Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, I got to stroll down memory lane.  Happy weekend everybody, remember to drink responsibly.

As always.  More to come …





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