On to the Next Book

This one is called Bad Boy by David Crabb. ¬†It’s a memoir of a young boy’s coming of age in San Antonio TX in the 1990s. ¬†I always love to read a book when my hometown as the back drop. ¬†A familiar feeling occurs and makes me immediately relate. ¬†Some names of places are changed … I don’t think we ever had a Genie Castle Arcade but I know we had an Aladdin. ¬†I don’t remember Gunther High School but the author refers to his school as the biggestin the city making me¬†think his actual school might have been Churchill. ¬†But then he refers to living near Randolph AFB so I think maybe he went to ¬†Judson. ¬†He does not mask¬†North Star Mall or¬†the intersection of 410 and Perrin Beitel. ¬†Both places that are home to me. ¬†The Galaxy located on 410 and Perrin Beitel was a go to theater for us.

I am only about 1/3 of the way through. ¬†I’ll give a better review when I’m done. ¬†More to come …

To Swear Just Like A Sailor

F Yeah! ¬†My sensibility makes me abbreviate my F bomb though. ¬†My mother would be rolling over in her grave if she heard me cuss. ¬†In my mind I can go on a diatribe using¬†foul filthy language¬†but saying those words out loud does not come easy to me. ¬†You know you’re really special to me if I let my guard down and you’ve heard me swear just like a sailor.

This sentiment might explain why I loved the book People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off, and Other Suburban Scourges by Jen Mann.  She writes/says out loud what I think.  When she talks about her Hubs, it could be me talking about my B.  The laughter, shared sense of humor, all the inside jokes with mutual respect.

Jen¬†has a laugh out loud funny take on the burbs and its’ inhabitants aka the room mom that’ll cut you and your birthday party needs a theme mom¬†… I mean¬†I really think¬†I know those¬†women. ¬†In my second mommy rodeo (with Lulu) I stayed out of the fray and did not have those types of experiences but with Pony, oh yes I did. ¬†The competition was fierce. ¬†I am glad I learned my lesson and by the time baby girl¬†came along,¬†I didn’t roll that way.

I can relate to going out in public wearing¬†pajamas. ¬†For the record, there is NOTHING wrong with that. ¬†My pajamas are not all God Bless America (and thongs). ¬†They are an equivalent of¬†yoga pants and a T-shirt or a really ratty house dress but still modest. ¬† And who the hell died and made the public judge of other’s appearance. ¬†Far too many times we are wrapped too tight over appearance and what’s on the outside. ¬†A common recurring theme in my blog. ¬†I just can’t seem to escape it.

If I could do anything over again in my writing, I’d give my family pseudonyms. ¬†Too freaking funny. ¬†Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. ¬†Read this and call me Jenni Mann. ¬†LOL. ¬†I just picked out their new names. ¬†B would be¬†William Robert aka Billy-Bob aka B Big squared. ¬†Our oldest is already T or T-Dub but he would be Pony Boy and stay Gold. ¬†Baby girl would be¬†Louise.

No joke – seriously, she hates¬†her name. ¬†Our conversations go something like this …

  • Lulu “Mom did you know when you named me that my name means servant?”
  • Me “Well of course Cinderella, who else is going to cook and clean”
  • Lulu “That’s not even funny!”
  • Me “You were named after my love of reading AND Pony Boy’s 3rd grade teacher. ¬†What do you wish you had been named instead?”
  • Lulu “Louise … Louise Noelle Dub”
  • Me”YES! Louise is perfect! after my Daddy and Mamaw but of course we’d have to call you LuLu”.
  • Lulu “uh, never mind”

Sometime it is fun just to re-name yourself and be a completely different person.  Try it, be whoever YOU want to be!

Anyway, you’ve GOT¬†to read the book … if for no other reason … read it to fully understand my reference to God Bless America (and thongs). ¬†You’ll laugh out loud. ¬†I dare you not to ūüôā

More to come …