Keep on swimming

Yay to the better job but away went my dreams of becoming a nurse just like my Aunt Lavina Jo Andrisek. I ended up at San Antonio College (SAC) after all. Why? Well back in the day, USAA offered on site classes – SAC, PAC, St. Phillips, St. Marys, etc… and as long as I was attending college classes, I could get promoted at work. And a small part of me still thought I would become a nurse one day. Or an English teacher, or a basket weaver, or a star-gazer (Scobee planetarium rocks!), or a radio personality. You name it, SAC has a course for it. I was a kid in the candy store. What fun!

I never saw an academic counselor and pretty much took whatever classes I wanted. I did at least follow the degree plans in the course catalog to an extent mixing basics with just because stuff and a pre-nursing class or two. I did pretty well too until the practical. I fainted not once, not twice but three times during part two of A&P. Barely passing. I am convinced I passed only because the professor felt sorry for me. I realized I just didn’t have what it takes despite what my heart wanted. My role model was a wonderful woman, who I miss dearly. I still to this day want to be Aunt Jo when I grow up.

Can-do spirit only goes so far. Thing is you don’t realize right away in your naive alternate universe. You just keep on swimming. And I was progressing through the ranks on-the-job any way – from a grade 12 to a grade 24 in six short years, all without a degree. I eventually accumulated well over the 120 hours required for a bachelor’s degree with time split between SAC and UTSA but since I changed majors so much, I still had a long way to go to finish any one of the several plans I started.

Now they penalize you for that … going over. I hear there is a $1000 incentive in TX to finish your bachelors degree in four years with no more than one … maybe two courses over the required. If only I knew then what I know now … nah I still would have taken the alternate route. Rebel that I am … NOT.

More to come …

Keep on swimming

4 thoughts on “Keep on swimming

  1. I took American Sign Language there and ended up working with my professor years later when I was at the Humane Society. I’m swimming like hell starting my career as a marketer but if I’m as clueless as Dory then I can’t be anything but happy. This career move in my late 40s really does feel like home despite the learning curve. I love the stories and can’t wait to read your next one.


  2. Yes! I took aerobics with Dawn (last name escapes me). She was fantastic and found a way to work nutrition into the course. That and all the walking made me bikini ready for sure. Albert Alanuz for astronomy. Janis McManus and Beverly Baucum for English. Jerry Purcell biology. Gerald Busald and Dr Knox for math. If I can remember their names and how they made me feel 30 plus years later you know they made an impact. We should all be so lucky 🍀


  3. I absolutely loved the time I spent at SAC in my younger years along with all of the wide range of classes that were available. I still remember certain professors that were just remarkable and inspiring. I spent a lot of time at Scobee with the science class I took. The best body I ever had was in large part to a couple of semesters of aerobics I took with this one lady that was hard core. I cherish these memories!

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