Keep on swimming

Yay to the better job but away went my dreams of becoming a nurse just like my Aunt Lavina Jo Andrisek. I ended up at San Antonio College (SAC) after all. Why? Well back in the day, USAA offered on site classes – SAC, PAC, St. Phillips, St. Marys, etc… and as long as I was attending college classes, I could get promoted at work. And a small part of me still thought I would become a nurse one day. Or an English teacher, or a basket weaver, or a star-gazer (Scobee planetarium rocks!), or a radio personality. You name it, SAC has a course for it. I was a kid in the candy store. What fun!

I never saw an academic counselor and pretty much took whatever classes I wanted. I did at least follow the degree plans in the course catalog to an extent mixing basics with just because stuff and a pre-nursing class or two. I did pretty well too until the practical. I fainted not once, not twice but three times during part two of A&P. Barely passing. I am convinced I passed only because the professor felt sorry for me. I realized I just didn’t have what it takes despite what my heart wanted. My role model was a wonderful woman, who I miss dearly. I still to this day want to be Aunt Jo when I grow up.

Can-do spirit only goes so far. Thing is you don’t realize right away in your naive alternate universe. You just keep on swimming. And I was progressing through the ranks on-the-job any way – from a grade 12 to a grade 24 in six short years, all without a degree. I eventually accumulated well over the 120 hours required for a bachelor’s degree with time split between SAC and UTSA but since I changed majors so much, I still had a long way to go to finish any one of the several plans I started.

Now they penalize you for that … going over. I hear there is a $1000 incentive in TX to finish your bachelors degree in four years with no more than one … maybe two courses over the required. If only I knew then what I know now … nah I still would have taken the alternate route. Rebel that I am … NOT.

More to come …

Keep on swimming